The advancement of technology has allowed a great synergy between information technology, telecommunication, and the electrical and electronics. 

Information technology is always forever adapting technology has allowed a great synergy between information technology, telecommunication, and the electrical and electronics. 

Information technology is always forever adapting so that the way that the way that we grew up and dreamed about we can now do.  The technology that we saw while watching in movies and tv shows like the Jetsons was described by TheVerge. 

Technology just makes it easier to focus on more task at once while maintaining control over the automated processes that you have in your home or business.  You can use Ring so that you can see who is at the door and also scare off a porch pirate stealing a package.

Internet of Things is what the industry is labeling the internet connected functional devices that are connected to the internet.  Amazon Alexa you can speak to along with Google Home this is simplicity at its finest.

Intuitive technology should always increase productivity whether you are doing work, in your car, on the “throne” in the bathroom or on vacation. 

When I grew up most of the things that we have today from Generation X and Millennials has grown corporations and the industry of which most is shown at CES in Las Vegas and also CEDIA which will be Denver in 2019 is a more focused industry of professionals focused on this type of technology.

CEDIA, the Consumer Electronics Design Installation Association, is built upon industry-leading education and is a globally-known entity for home technology training. CEDIA not only offers home technology education for the electronic systems industry – we also offer continuing education approved courses designed to help design and build professionals including architects, builders, interior designers, building designer, and remodelers, increase their comfort level with residential electronic systems.  Read more

            The advantage of having a CEDIA professional from our company to work with you is that we have the knowledge and resources to plan with you, help with your design project, build or remodel, and personalizing every final touch in your home so that those dreams that you have come true with PC MAXXX your technology partner.

             The cloud technology and internet technology market is a very large market and sometimes is hard to know what to chose for you and also what will work best.  There are products that can be too much and there can be some that are much less in quality for your environment.  The better the quality will improve the performance and allow that technology to sustain it’s use throughout the decade with easy upgrades.  The technology that you build into your home can increase the value and allow decades of use without having to continually pay for costly upgrades when the electronics change.

            When you work with a ITE engineer at PC MAXXX you we work as your technology partner always putting your goals, your budget and your dreams. The budget is most important because this is your hard-earned money and you don’t want to throw away your money or your time.  The goals you have is also your result of the performance and the project, and this may increase or decrease the amount spent but always getting what you want and are comfortable with is important.  The dreams you have is the final seal of approval whether it is when you say “Hey Alexa what’s the weather or turn the heat up.” Your expectation is the result. 

            Satisfaction is the proof in what we do in ITE so that when we are guiding you through the use if the technology that we have installed in your project you are able to use this with ease and always have a person to reach out to by email, call, text or facetime to help you. 

            PC MAXXX ITE Solutions, LLC is a complete solutions provider for custom technology in the greater Denver          Metro area on your next project.


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