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PC MAXXX ITE Solutions, LLC is a technology partner to small to medium business owners and home professionals. The FOCUS is with Information Technologies, Telecommunications, & Electrical and Electronic Integration (Automation & Home Theater).  The technology partner company is made from a blended and focused experience with organizations US Marine Corps, HP, MCW, Sprint, KitCo Fiber Optics, Google, Orange, Centura Health, Futurian Systems, Rand Construction Corporation, DMC over the more than 15 years.  The Priority is to work with the user in home or business to provide service with the skillsets and also allow you to become more proficient and comfortable with the technology.  The Goal is your satisfaction with the work the is done and making sure the work is done right according to you and completely to your enjoyment along with being beyond your expectations for quality.






The services we provide are in Information Technologies, Telecommunications, and Electronics which is the integration of technology with the electronics and electrical systems of the commercial building, home and user technology for automation, access and remote control.






Information Technology

Information Technology is a great tool and a resource that when effectively utilized in the workplace and business environment will increase efficiency and impact of the work and communication that is performed.  Instead of having to be at the location that the document is stored there is Cloud technology that allows for data to be saved in the virtual environment and access from a smartphone or display live anywhere in the world and also allows the protection and information assurance of the data that is shared. 


Starting our in 2002 entering the Marine Corps working in ground communications, not at all IT or internet things, and working with radio, telephone and satellite mobile equipment.  The US Military and most specifically the US Marine Corps is the best environment to gain the best skills with technology, because the use of the technology is multilayered and is built so that it is easily adaptable.  There was work with PRC-119 working with Harris, Cisco, C4, Lockheed Martin & more.  The US Military is a technology focused branch of the government so that there can be complete expedient and effective connection between the command, the ground, the air support and the naval support.  

     The US Marine Corps propelled me to be able to leave in 2009 and become a government contractor working directly to support the US Military working in the with SIPR networks and information to keep it up and running.  The equipment is critical to the effectiveness of the military and its ability.  The work ethic and focus on quality was learned in the ove six years spent working in the US Marine Corps element, because when technology is put in place that will make or break the mission that it is used for.  

     After leaving the US Marine Corps in 2009 and working as a government contractor for EDS as an IT Specialist, then progressing to HP Enterprise Services working as an Information Assurance Technician for SIPR\Classified Networks.  I moved back to Colorado in 2010 and start my business while working part-time for AT&T formerly DirecTV.  The business would continue part-time as during the day I worked diligently for Schlumberger as an Electronics Technician, Birch as a Communications Technician, Lockheed Martin as a Electronics Technician\Fabricator, & at Centura Health as an IT Specialist. 

     After working and leaving these great organizations using the knowledge that I was given evolved PC MAXXX into what it is today and never leaving the focus of quality, so that what you pay for you are able to use and always have a friend in the technology business for questions and more.  


Get To Know About Jered...

Jered has worked for us at home and at our business. We have found him to be competent, professional, and priced fairly. He installed a sound bar we could not get to work on our large Samsung TV and then cleaned up all the wire mess in the back (visible from the stairwell) binding them together appropriately and making everything neat and tidy. We would not have had a clue as to what went where. At work he installed a new printer that had to work with our software (medical/dental) on the computer--my guess an issue that would have taken us a long time to resolve properly. During that service call he also helped with some other issues--we make a list. He has been quick to respond to our need for help, and we are happy to have someone to answer questions and tend to issues we cannot solve without a great deal of effort; a time sink for us and something Jered can do easily.

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