Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats

The internet is like the jungle and without the right type of protection you are left without the ability to operate and if you are the IT manager your are left defenseless because of the usage of the customers that you support.  The proactiveness comes from training that enables the user to always be vigilant in the cycle of operation when browsing on the network, opening emails, and on pages that have malicious links. 

Sex Ed compared to Web Ed

The training prepares a user just like a parent or a sex education teacher informing and preparing a student about the reason for protected sex.  The “condom” which in this case is the protection software that runs in the background to ensure that when you click on an infected file you are protected.  The protection is not from getting “pregnant” like unprotected sex physically but keeping the “worm” from transferring that malicious code from infecting your computer or even worse the infrastructure that sustains your company.  The effects can be devastating even in the home where you are working day in and day out and setting aside money for a vacation or retirement and you are on vacation when you checked it and balanced your checkbook and you saw $3,500 and you board the plane with your family and get to Disney world check into your hotel and your card is denied.   You would be thinking “,Hmmm I just had the money there, try it again.”  They run it again and it is denied and you check your balance and you see your balance is now -$200.36.  All you can think is I just had the money and you call the bank and you get the fraudulent charges reversed and you go on with your trip because you believe that it has been handled, just as if someone just stole your credit card.  Only to find out when you try to refinance your house or purchase a car that your credit score has dropped by from 710 on your FICO to a 590 over the past year and you have no clue how this happened.  The Net Ed is the training that you have received to make you vigilant on the Net realizing that this is a jungle and you must not relax when in an unprotected environment, because you will pay the ultimate price and this will cost you the stress, energy and your most valuable commodity, Time.  Having the resources on your computer or network infrastructure through a company that we partner with for you is Comodo, the #1 Branded Certificate Authority with 85M security software installations and 600k business clients.  Comodo with its free end point security has set themselves above McAfee and Norton Internet Security and Antivirus products and services because of the proactive protection that is provided rather than the retroactive protection that is provided by the others.  The type of protection is changing and the change would be similar to the way the pharmaceutical industry changes the vaccines given and also measures the effectiveness.  The old method of the retroactive form was to go out in the web and dark web and track these algorithms or even hire these prodigy type hackers for their skillset to defend against these types of attacks.  This is retroactive because you are seeking the virus, malware, infection or spam after this has already hit and begun to cause problems.  The proactive protection that Comodo is providing through our partnership is allowing the resource of direct support and analyzation of the program that may cause the issue, allowing the program to operate inside of containment which allows the program to operate inside of a “caged” (Comodo defines this is A jail: Provided network-access restrictions, and a restricted file system namespace. Jails are most commonly used in virtual hosting.) field the is setup by the Comodo Endpoint Protection and that means is cannot escape but instead shows it cannot be trust and is effectively restricted and removed from the system.  This gives the user full access with guaranteed protection, like the environment that researchers and scientist test vaccines, cures and diseases inside.  The current way that the proactive protection test is that if there is no disease then don’t make vaccines where even in the advancement of technology Microsoft as described in this June 2017 article by Mike Brunker, talking about the efforts using technology to find diseases and create vaccines before they become prevalent. 



These are programs that are written with the intent to harm the host system and infect this system.  Sometimes malware has the intent through the infection to steal information from the hose system.

            The Types of Malware

·       Virus is a coded program or message that infects other software on the host sytems and is able to spread itself once it has begun to run.

·       Adware this is advertisement supported software where the advertisement is seeking a payment from the user to stop the program from flashing the advertisement.

·       Spyware the malicious software will track habits, keystrokes, and aides the hacker or author of the program in order to learn the end user and use this to steal critical information like, password, credit card numbers, bank account info, passwords, and credentials.

·       Worms the damaging code that is written to destroy programs through the replication of the worms and multiplication of the code in the host machine.

·       Trojan just as the name given from the gifted trojan horse where the “shell” or name deceive the user and once on the system it will run the virus coded to steal and destroy the system.   (like the “I Love You” virus of 2000 written by Edward Kleinard and Richard Richtmyer)

·       Ransomware is an advanced and evolving and also adapting malware type that goes after the important files and programs allowing worms to disable essential programs that can disable the malware and also used operational programs.  Then the ransomware does what its name comes from encrypting your data and requesting you to make a payment in order to recover your valuable files.  Some users have paid anywhere $1,000 to $50,000 or more for the ransom given to the computer villain/hacker to recover the encrypted files and programs affected.

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Ransomware is shaping the way that way that enterprise and organizational endpoint protection is being deployed and updated.  There is a but to this just because the headship whether it is the CIO or the