Getting Your Business Started Today

Getting your business started today you want to make sure that you have the most effective things depending on what you are at looking to accomplish in your first 3 to 18 months that will shape the culture and the clients that you are bringing into the organization through your product or service. 

Getting Started

Getting started today there are some essentials that will be needed to get your business started with the effective and light technology to keep your communication channels open and flowing for your staff and clients to communicate while beginning in operation. 


            The technology that you air starting with will allow you to increase your optimization and fluidness while working.  The basic essential of an Internet Service Provider or access through a hotspot network, mobile phone or SIP Phone number, email, and a product or service.  The Internet Service Provider like Comcast/Xfinity, Time Warner/Spectrum, AT&T, CenturyLink, and Google, etc., allows you to have access to endless resources that can improve what you are doing in your business.  You should be focused in your searches and browsing because this can be a distraction to take you away from what you need to do.  There is also social media that your business can use to gain a following which is a great tool to aide your business in a promotion and recognition network that only cost you effort and increases your market share.  The email is a communication tool to reach out and have a professional conversation on your terms and on your time.  The email and exchange features allow you to monitor your calendar, keep contacts synced, access to information on time, and there are many more.  The use of the technology is structured by what you are looking for and why you are to use it.  The phone or SIP Phone is needed for calls and conference call to find what is occurring with clients, and incoming communication from clients and partners.  The phone communication is very versatile with technology of today where if the professional or business owner can use their computer with a “soft” phone, the phone used with an app or plugin on the PC, Mac, or mobile device.


             Protection of the technology and business that you have comes by having proactive and vigilant methods like Comodo so that the work can be focused on and the threats can be analyzed fully analyzed in the background.  The strategic focus that software that enables “containment” gives the best advantage to you.  There are algorithms that can duplicate that of the “safe” programs on your computer already.  The proactive software can detect these and can do this without compromising your data and your client information, because once the information is stolen there it goes and this cannot be recovered effectively.