Cut The Cord & Press Play

Home cinema is on the horizon today allowing you to have the al-a-carte at home and not having to negotiate with DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast or Xfinity, Prism TV or more.  You have better options now so that you can make your TV plan your way.

            When you can cut the cord to the costly plans and subscriptions to DVR plans and still be able to to watch what you want to and also subscribe exactly to what you want when you want.  The average plan that offers you live TV for around $40 dollars a month you will be able to run that plan just when you need to and not be chained to any equipment charges, contract and can have the freedom to access this from your PC, laptop, phone, tablet, TV or even your friends TV.  There is versatile system that is only getting bigger.  The need to stock on massive collections of DVDs because most of these forms allow for digital downloads using YouTube or iTunes.  The major players in the industry are competing for you and to improve the content they have just to keep you satisfied.

            This allows you to create the best environment at home for a home cinema environment at you la casa.

            The question is should you really want to spend allot of money with the system being purchased and the cost for the professional to install this professionally?   The cost for the home cinema system and installation are not out of reach financially.  The advancements and the availability of the content has provided a more productive industry where the content creation from Netflix as one content giant is over $12B per and HBO is producing only $2M toward newer content.  The availability for content distributers to connect content with more directly impacted by the content.  The movies produced that go to big screen theater is no where the same amount of content that is released to your streaming platforms.

            The question of why spend the money to have a home cinema room of home theater features installed?  The reason to have a home theater build in can start our with quality built in for two thousand dollars, and I guarantee this will save you money through the investment in the future.  The features added only allow you to watch immersive high definition and ultra-high definition content with the content that you watch whether this is Game of Thrones or The Handmaid’s Tale or even Grey’s Anatomy.  The screen that you have may be a screen that can only render a high definition 1080 pixel resolution, and still you will be able to enjoy the programming better because of the immersive audio.  You have not created a movie theater experience at home and when done right you will be able to successfully upgrade from high definition to ultra-high definition and beyond on the screen with no need to upgrade the sound system.

            You are investing in the future use of high definition entertainment and cinema in your home and the content providers are also making great improvements with the content available in UHD.  The reason there is such a great advancement in the content is to keep you as a consumer “fat” and happy with the content.  The expense to keep you as a customer of Netflix, Hulu, Disney and more is all about developing more improved content that connects with the customer base at large.  The content is the custom to you and your household so that you are able have entertainment your way like a Burger King order.

            Where the home theater start is here with us at PC MAXXX helping you from start to finish so that we can help you best.  Starting with the display that you have so that you can get the most out of your money.  There are many pay as you go services and stores in the area like Aaron’s and Conns but there are better ways to save money and setup a full installation of a HD home theater.  The comparison that I look at is just with a Rent to Own where you would pay about $40 per week for a total of 110 weeks and that is a total of about $4,400 dollars and for this amount financed on a credit card or saved you could have a room in your home retrofitted and remodeled with the same 75” screen and a 7.1.1 in-ceiling or in-wall system with a subwoofer.  There are many variations that can be offered for systems that instead of giving you just a big screen HD TV it will give you an improvement to your home with amazing features.

            The features are what will give you the best access in the room and these are the sound, lighting, display and automated controls for environment setup.  These are the most important things when thinking about the creating this room if you can make this change to the room for multipurpose the features will do this seamlessly.

            The sound features start with whether you are looking to have just right and left audio which is a 2-channel system distributed through the room, and in most public bars and restaurants this is the way that the sound is distributed.  The next sound setups are all a surround sound type systems which are 5.1 through 11.1.2 and the difference between these high definition sound setups is the range of the sound the beginning giving you a perfect front and rear sounds.  The ultra-high definition for audio gives sound overhead along with rear and dual subwoofers, so that you can be immersed in the audio and receive some of the highest experience.  The Atmos setup by Dolby is a very focused and immersive sound distributed so the there is sound dispersed at each height for the viewer and this sound will just about put you inside of the movie and allow a 4th and 5th dimension of sense while you enjoy your programming to give the best sensory pleasure.

            The lighting whether you are entertaining guest during a get together or party or you are just enjoying the programming the lighting enhances the picture you see on the display.  The correct entertainment setup considers the lighting and display because these two features enhance and balance each other in a synergy.  The colors and the sound pulse sensing reactive lighting with music and video allow for the enhancement on your eyes and ears.  The temperature of the lighting adds to the vibrance of the ultra-high definition image.

            The features that are also important and most avoided are the sound insulation and light absorption from the blinds and curtains.  The sound dampening is the filtering and dampening out of outside sound, vibrations and frequencies, along with the insulation of the sound in the room.  The other important of removing sunlight and outside light from the room is for the best performance of the display.  The outside light that comes in from the windows in the room and different lights from the building or home entering the room can lower the vibrance and distort color on the screen.  These are all performance issues that can be offset but the daylight that comes into the room is not easily adjusted.

            Please be sure to reach out to us so that we can help you on your next home theater project or conference room.  We are always focused on quality and look forward to working with you soon.