COVID-19/Working from Home/ Streaming at Home

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a change to business as usual in every industry. The pandemic has caused changes to all work environments where working from home or a type of a swing shift of working a percentage from home and having a backup work from the office is a new normal.

The home office is a new thing that is needed whether you are living in a studio apartment or a house changes have to be made at your residence to remain safe during the pandemic.

The streaming at home has greatly increased not only because of the Netflix and Hulu along with many more like Disney and Amazon Prime but schools have been using streaming platforms for webcast from Google and Zoom also using others to maintain classes.

This has made a change to Internet Service Providers "Prime Time" hours for zones that high bandwidth is being used in residential areas and in some locations has caused lag, slow connections and outages.

This lifestyle will have changes that will most likely cary into 2022 for the entire process of work and home life and the best way is to use this time to create a better environment at home to adapt to this.

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