Information Technology

The information technology that we focus on is those assisting greatly with home professional and business users in the Greater Denver area.  PC MAXXX ITE and the technicians are trained in malware, virus, and ransomware removal and what is special with these services is we educate, equip users with technology that is proactive, and prepare users themselves who through training can be vigilant in the jungle of the web.




We are facilitators and broker along with dedicated technician support available for our customers we are partnering with as technology partners.  The telecommunications and broadband along with the data and internet side of things is a great thing and greatly needed in this world of business.  We your technology partner mediate between you and your carrier, LEC or the internet service provider.  We do this by making sure the provider is meeting the contractual agreed rates, we make sure that your configuration for your network whether local or remote or maintained in a partnering data center is optimized to give the best for your needs and most important your customer’s needs.  The certification of your network whether at home or your business allows for you to be able to see where you stand and not apply unneeded resources and income toward upgraded of network and telecom infrastructure when the ISP/LEC cannot exceed the current infrastructure.       



Electronics are involved in every way and in over 10 Billion instances in just 2014 CNET showed in an article that “That figure is growing by about 2 people per second, or 1.2 percent annually” * from 2014 statistics.  This is only statistics for mobile cellular technology and it is said that in the United States of America that as an average each user has 3 gadgets or technology related devices.  We are in the business as a technology partner to propel your business forward with technology when it goes down in the hard times we will be there, when you are questioning of how to save with and create growth with we will be there to aid in your choices, setup and training and configuring, and when you need to create the best viewing experience for entertainment or for training and development environments we will help to bring the ideas you have to full view with a maximized experience for your guest, employees or clients.  Technology is what makes the deal and creates the environment, because it is a portal to the vision and the master painters’ paint.”** 

 We are a company of technology integrators that focus with the future by creating a cloud connected, accessible, and protected environment in the home and business.


Audio Visual / Home Theater / Conference Room

The presentation of vision through media whether it is George Lucas presenting his idea of courageous fighter against the Dark Side through Star War in a Dolby ATMOS home theater with 4K projection for a family and friends.  The conference room setup that allows your New York, Denver, San Diego, and Tokyo team members to conference in successfully and feel as one as you discuss success and you can vividly share in the experience without the disconnect of normal conference technology.  The technology being the master painters’ paint is the secret creating the environment because it allows the viewer to see in sight and hearing the descriptive vision vividly. 


Automation (Electrical Switching & Environmental Control Systems Integration)

Automation technology is the connecting point that allows for seamless integration of manual functionality paired with artificial technology for cost savings.  Use of AT (Automation Technology) is valuable for cost savings because being able to control your TV, garage lights, home audio, and access remotely





*CNET Gadgets, Author Erick Mack

**Jered Lester Scurlock